• Creative modern Acacia wooden tray fruit plate.

  • Made of high quality wood,Its texture is varied and its wood is good,The mineral texture of each piece of wood is different and has a unique natural flavor.

  • fashion pedestal increases the beauty of the whole fruit plate,It has no lacquer, is coated with vegetable oil,It can directly contact the food and is safe and environmental friendly.

  • It is suitable for placing dim sum, tea cups, snacks, sweets, and other small objects.

  • Product size: there are two sizes to choose from: square octagonal fruit plateS:20cm, square octagonal fruit plate M:25cm.

  • Size:S:20cm

    Quantity: 1. (Only the fruit plate is sold, and the other items are not included.).
    Materials: wood.
    Style: Japanese style.
    Product features: elegance, environmental protection, natural and generous.
    Application: it can be used for placing fruits, vegetables, food, desserts, snacks, etc.
    Scope of application: living room, restaurant, kitchen, office, etc.
    About maintenance: 1, avoid high temperature hot water disinfection, loss of wood moisture and destruction structure, resulting in fading or even deformation.
    2. Please put it in a ventilated and dry place after use.
    3. not be placed the open fire, the fire pit, the stove Near.
    4. prohibition of microwave ovens Use.
    5. it is recommended to wipe with wet cloth to extend the service life.
    6. can be used for oil maintenance, and olive oil is recommended.
    Special note: 1, because the product is affected by environment and light in the shooting effect, color of the products will have a slight change, and every computer display shows the color are not the same, There will be a certain color difference between , we will be reduced color difference to the minimum.
    2,dessert plate belongs to natural material itself, there will be a certain color, each product color, texture and weight are not the same, do not belong to the product quality problems, Please with items you receive as the standard。
    3,There are many changes in wood texture, splice color difference scar defects,It is a normal phenomenon. If you mind, please do not buy it. Thank you!

    HLJ Creative Fashion Acacia Wood Tray Fruit Plate Octagonal Snack Plate Tea Cup Tray Candy Dish (Size : S:20cm) - B07F19P4BD

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    HLJ Creative Fashion Acacia Wood Tray Fruit Plate Octagonal Snack Plate Tea Cup Tray Candy Dish (Size : S:20cm) - B07F19P4BD

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